WATER POSITION MDF Training & Consultancy BV – Trainer and Consultant – Bangladesh, Dhaka


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Country: Bangladesh, Dhaka

Project Title: Capacity Strengthening and skills development in the private, public and civil society’s water and agricultural sectors

Duration: 2 years

In Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, MDF Bangladesh has started its operation in 2014. With the unique and quality training and consultancy services, MDF has been supporting water and sanitation, food security and other sectors to achieve sustainable social impact. MDF is very much interested to further build onto the water and agrofood sectors in Bangladesh



Bangladesh is still receiving much support from international multi-and bilateral partners including the Netherlands Government. The recent Rohingya influx from Myanmar has become a priority area for the government and NGOs working in humanitarian sectors. International donors are allocating significant amounts of funds in this area, especially in water management. Large grants are available to improve integrated water resource management (IWRM), water infrastructure, WASH, achieve food security and promote inclusive and sustainable growth in the agrofood sector. The Netherlands Government mainly focuses on IWRM, WASH and achieving food security for both sectors in Bangladesh. Ranging from large water management projects in the coastal belt to access to sanitation in Dhaka slums and from supporting farmers to grow better produce with higher yields and behave like entrepreneurs to enhancing the capacity of Agricultural Universities to promote interdisciplinary food security research. In addition to the Netherlands-supported initiatives, there are many other organizations involved in supporting water and agrofood sector. For example, UN, World Bank, GIZ, USAID, EU, SDC have all large projects in both sectors. Many of these current initiatives evolve around capacity strengthening, such as:

  • improving capacities of public institutions (national, local authorities, universities, water and agricultural institutes)
  • strengthening civil society (e.g. farmer’s organisations, NGO’s and business associations)
  • promotion of public-private partnerships

These capacities not only concern technical, hence water or agriculture related capabilities but also broader management, governance and soft skills capacities. This is where MDF can play a crucial role.

MDF believes that an intervention by the Young Expert Programme (YEP) will greatly assist MDF and Bangladesh and create opportunities for sharing our management development expertise. This can relate to enhancing personal effectiveness of public or private sector managers through management and leadership skills. It can also concern enhancing programmatic / organizational effectiveness through better, results-based planning, effective partnership coordination, solid monitoring or robust impact assessments.

Working with MDF in Bangladesh will offer Young Expert the opportunity to be internationally oriented and build a network with many development cooperation partners. Exchanging with other, current YEP-ers in MDF will strengthen MDF’s position in capacity strengthening in water and agrofood sector.


MDF Bangladesh is seeking a qualified young professional from the Netherlands for a dynamic position in Bangladesh for the period of two years. The young professional will work on training and consultancy assignments in Bangladesh for different range of clients, while also focusing on personal development through comprehensive development program over the course of two years. The organization offers a lot of freedom and opportunity for personal and professional growth to pro-active and responsible persons.

Tasks and activities Young Expert:

Contribution in the existing and new projects of MDF Bangladesh. MDF is conducting monthly training programs and provides evaluation services to diverse groups of organizations including those working in the water and agrofood sector. The YEP-er would immediately be involved in these processes, as co-trainer/facilitator and consultant during evaluations as support to senior colleagues. MDF is also providing sustainable business development advisory services to NGO’s and the public-sector that need to become financially self-sustainable in the coming 10 years when donors will slowly move out of Bangladesh. The YEP-er would join MDF’s efforts with NGO’s working in the health and agricultural sector to gain experience in the provision of such services. The YEP-er is then expected to offer these services in the broader water and agrofood sector.

Supporting expansion of training and consultancy services in Bangladesh. This would include a range o f activities including continuous market assessment, development of internal systems and strategies, establish communication mechanisms, client visits and follow-ups, networking, develop warm relationships with the Netherlands Embassy in Dhaka and other Dutch organizations and companies in Bangladesh.

Liaising with existing and new development stakeholders in water, agriculture and other sectors, including Embassies, Bangladesh Government, INGO and NGOs. This would be to conduct continuous needs assessments of various private, public and civil society actors, to assess their management and organizational needs.

To this extend the Young Expert will be:

  • Conducting organizational assessments, stakeholder analysis
  • Developing a network and create opportunities for various stakeholders to come together and discuss
  • Identifying business opportunities that will allow MDF’s involvement in ‘soft skills’ in the water and agrofood sector

Contributing in the initiatives of development and delivery of new, tailor made services that fit the needs of water and agriculture sector as assessed above. This will include:

  • Conduct (as co-trainer) trainings
  • Develop sustainable business development training and advisory trail for NGO’s, socialenterprises and the public sector
  • Co-conduct monitoring and evaluation assignment, as per need
  • Develop a business and marketing strategy for the above for agrofood sector (water sector is already in place)

Participating in the YEP network for Bangladesh, Asia, Global and within MDF to build social networks and peer coaching systems

  • Organise a network with regular meetings for all YEP-ers in Bangladesh and an InterVision weekend
  • Contribute towards YEP network within the MDF consisting of current and alumni YEP-ers around the world. The objective of this network is peer coaching and the exchange of experiences in providing soft skills capacity building in the water and agro food sector.


We expect to have on board a university Master degree holder with at least some experience in development sector. Apart from having technical knowledge on water and agrofood sectors, s/he should have understanding on development of project proposals, project management, monitoring and evaluation. S/he must be team player, willing to respect the local culture and learning local language. The candidate should be a career focused, proactive professional who is ready to learn, taking challenges and ultimately contribute in achieving the organization’s goal.


  • University Master degree in a relevant development sector field
  • Experience in working on Food Security issues
  • Experience in enhancing business development of clients
  • (Working) experience with private sector development
  • (Working) experience in foreign countries
  • Experiences in sales, acquisition and business development
  • Ability to work independently towards deadlines and targets, as well as through team effort


  • Working experience in the Bangladesh or the region
  • Experience in conducting training and providing consultancy services
  • Willing to learn Bangla (local language) for effective and efficient communication


YEP Programme Bureau
T: +31 70 304 3704