Sustainable phosphorus management coming into action

Throughout the conference the joint commitment to remove barriers for a European market for recycled phosphorus grew and new opportunities to do so were created. The European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform declared to increase efforts to realize this by proposing 12 specific policy actions to realize the phosphorus circular economy. Several representatives of the 
European Commission actively participated and were inspired by innovative industries and science to take more action on the European level.
After the first conference in Brussels in 2013 focus changed from awareness towards taking action. This was emphasized by the success stories presented at the conference. For example the cooperation of Dutch companies HVC and SNB with the Flanders EcoPhos. They intend to convert 50 to 60.000 tons of phosphorus rich ash a year, which makes it the biggest step so far in the field of phosphorus recycling. Other stories included successful manure treatment in Flanders, phosphorus recovery from wastewater in the UK and the farmers cooperation in the Baltic states. 
After the Dutch and Flanders Nutrient Platforms the Deutsche Phosphor – Plattform was officially established by electing the board during the conference. The German State Secretary Florian Pronold who attended the Plenary session underlined the urgency of phosphorus recycling, and mentioned that with the establishment of the German Phosphorus Platform, Germany is now ready to take concrete steps in sustainable phosphorus management.