Smart Water Management Symposium

Smart Water Management Symposium

Groundbreaking solutions that can save European water operators 3 billion a year presented at the Smart Water Management Symposium

Amsterdam – At the Smart Water Management Symposium, held on 2 November 2017 in the RAI Amsterdam, the Smart Water for Europe (SW4EU) project will present breakthrough solutions that can save European water operators an estimated 3 billion euros a year. And save global operators an estimated 10 billion euros annually.

What’s the Smart Water for Europe project?
The Smart Water for Europe project is comprised of 20 thought leaders from public and private sectors. It’s led by Dutch utility Vitens and features Acciona Agua, Thames Water and Lille University. These four companies created demo sites to research drinking water on four themes: (1) Leak Detection & Asset Management, (2) Water Quality & Control, (3) Customer Interaction & Awareness and (4) Energy Optimization. They will share their research results at the upcoming Smart Water Management Symposium.

Deep Dive sessions at a Water Symposium? Of course.
In the afternoon, registrants will have the opportunity to participate in deep dive sessions on seven different topics: (1) Advanced Leak Detection Methods, (2) Real-Time Water Pressure Monitoring, (3) Managing Water Quality, (4) Next Generation Water Quality Sensors, (5) Integrated Water Management Systems, (6) Gamification of Water Consumption and (7) Visualising Energy Usage.

Register Now.
If your work involves water and its usage in any way (professionals, investors, regulators, policy makers and technology providers) this is a ‘can’t miss’ event. Register now for the SWM Symposium online at Tickets are € 350,- (exclusive VAT).

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