Nijhuis Industries: solid solutions in a fluid world

Nijhuis Industries provides customized technological solutions and system integration capabilities based on our state-of-the-art technologies and a wide range of tailor-made services. Menno M. Holterman, Chief Executive Officer of Nijhuis Industries, explains “For decades Nijhuis Water Technology has been a prominent and leading supplier of wastewater treatment systems and solutions around the world. Today we successfully deliver state-of-the-art, effective and efficient systems, solutions and services to treat effluent, process water, biogas and air of a wide range of industries based on our drive to realize the value of (waste)water, to recover valuable raw materials from waste and make them available for sustainable reuse. With over 2400 references Nijhuis has gained a wealth of knowledge in industrial and municipal applications and with last years acquisitions of Nijhuis Ozone Solutions and Nijhuis H2OK successfully expanded into disinfection in cooling towers and process water re-use as well as municipal and sewage water treatment including flood-water management & consultancy.” 
To help customers achieve their ever demanding sustainability requirements against the lowest possible life-cycle cost a record number of innovations are launched, like: 
  • Nijhuis Rotary Drum Filter, type NTF, a patented filter specially designed to handle high capacities by a reduced footprint and filtration area. 
  • Intelligent-DAF, the next generation dissolved air flotation technology, combining the highest efficiency against the lowest possible life-cycle cost. With a 30% lower energy consumption per m3 treated water, a substantial higher sludge loading capacity, smarter internals, a dynamic level control and remote monitoring features Nijhuis is showing it’s market leader ship. 
  • Aecomix™ – anaerobic treatment of wastewater with high TSS and/or fats, oil and greases, combined in one integrated system. This unique and robust single step process solution can be applied in the food & beverage industry converting organic matter into biogas with a total removal efficiency on organic matter of up to 98%. 
  • Nijhuis Ammonium Recovery unit, a unique technology to recover ammonium from liquid waste and digestate as fertilizer. 
  • Nijhuis UV Disinfection System, type NUV includes low-pressure UV-lamps, combining a long life cycle and guaranteed high output with an optimum dosage distribution and very high efficiency, four times more efficient compared to medium-pressure lamps. 
  • Nijhuis Ozone Solutions, type Q-System, a unique high-efficiency ozone generator using cold plasma technology resulting in the production of more ozone at very high concentrations with the lowest possible energy consumption supported by on-line monitoring services to secure our valued customers a safe and legionella-free operation. 
  • Nijhuis Automatic Tube Cleaning System, type ATC, the most environmental friendly and cost-effective solution to prevent scaling and fouling inside tubes of heat-exchangers and chillers and secure customer their maximum capacity and a substantially longer life-time. 
During IFAT Nijhuis Industries will proudly present the results of the END-O-SLUDG project, a collaborative research project involving 14 European partners from industry, academia and municipalities and the results of an extensive study at Dutch Waterboards coordinated by the Dutch Foundation for Applied Water Research and Wageningen University about the effective removal of pharmaceutical residues with ozone technology. Menno M. Holterman continues, “Nijhuis intelligent-DAF has been successfully tested and performs substantially better compared to a pre-sedimentation tank and has been proven as a superior pre-treatment for municipal wastewater treatment. Nijhuis Ozone Solutions have successfully demonstrated that >99% of pharmaceutical compounds are removed from wastewater.” 

(Persbericht mei 2014)