New PPP grant for Aqua for All is a fact!

€ 10 million (50%) is available for stimulating private sector participation, joining forces with local players in a selected number of Developing Countries, aiming for increased coverage for safe drinking water &sanitation services and embedding integrated water resource management. We seek for integration with health, energy, environment and food programs.
The leverage that can be reached by contracting programs with co-finance possibilities from this budget will range from 1:1 up to 1:3, aiming for scaling effects and sustainable long term developments. The leverage opportunities will be linked with potential co-funding opportunities from national and international funding agencies throughout developments and further upscale of programs. Increased emphasis will be given to participation from the Dutch water sector and its affiliated sectors. Local business development in WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) services and scaling opportunities are crucial elements for PPP-propositions. Among others the PPP fund will be used to support a business incubator for SME-support in water-sanitation and waste services in Africa and South-East Asia.
Key threshold recommendations will be active private sector participation, leverage opportunities, long term sustainable outcomes in self-supporting business wise sound services approaches , innovative breakthroughs on market barriers in WASH services for the BOP and scaling up perspectives.
The other 10 million euro is assigned to the VIA Water fund to finance water innovations in Africa. The VIA Water program office (headed by mrs Titia Wouters and hosted by UNESCO-IHE in Delft) has identified with support of input from unusual suspects some 12 pressing needs, all related to the theme “water in cities”. The focus will be on 7 specific African Countries. Key threshold recommendations here are focus on social innovations and involvement of unusual suspects. Aqua for All will be in the same position as in the PPP-desk: we will provide support in screening & development, contracting and monitoring of the financed programs.