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A Nalco Solution
By introducing a better level of polymer mixing, new Nalco technology proves capable of improving the dewatering of the sludge, which translates into important savings in sludge disposal volume and cost. 

Enhanced mixing of sludge and polymer results in improved performance of centrifuge or filter press, increased cake dryness, and reduced sludge volume for off-site disposal. The fact that the polymer dosage can be automated and fed based on incoming sludge flow, results in smoother operation of dewatering equipment. Cake dryness is increased by an average of 2-5 %. 
The ability to use a much increased polymer solution strength results in a 80-90% decrease in polymer dilution water, delivering annual savings in fresh water consumption. In addition, this also reduces the volume of centrate or filtrate, which has to be sent back to the waste plant for treatment, by the same amount. 
The combination of the Nalco problem-solving approach, on-site expertise and the application of new innovative technology, demonstrates how improvements in sustainability performance and production continuity can be delivered.
Nalco is the world’s largest sustainability services company focused on industrial water, energy and air applications; delivering significant environmental, social and economic performance benefits to our customers.

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