METAWATER has been granted the “Global Product Differentiation Excellence Award” by Frost & Sullivan in recognition of the uniqueness of our “Ceramic Membrane Filtration System.”

This award is the “Product Differentiation Excellence Award” in the category of “water purification and water discharge,” and our “Ceramic Membrane Filtration System” has become the first recipient in this category in Japan. We will further boost our efforts to spread water treatment solutions utilizing our “Ceramic Membrane Filtration System.”
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Comments of industry analysts at Frost & Sullivan
Industry analysts at Frost & Sullivan stated that our “Ceramic Membrane Filtration System” provides the best-in-class level of values for the global water treatment market in the following ways:
Analyst Quotes by Paulina Szyplinska
•METAWATER has reached the state-of-art and best-in-class level of ceramic membrane systems as its third-generation technology has the supreme distinction of being the largest one in the world and enables application in large-scale plants with high treatment capacity requirements. The unique features of METAWATER’s technology make it difficult for competitors to adopt similar capabilities, helping the company to create a niche in the global water treatment market.
•METAWATER guarantees customized water solutions to its clients and ensure high benefits linked to application of their ceramic membrane products. It enables stable operation avoiding shutdowns, high water recovery rate reaching 98%, minimal operation and maintenance due to strong mechanical and chemical resistance of the ceramic material as well as operational savings resulting from higher energy efficiency and longer membrane life span. By using METAWATER’s treatment technology, the end-users can be assured of the fact that they are served with best-in-class solutions in scope of the whole water treatment system.
•ln order to secure its position in the global water market, METAWATER has developed a strategy to focus on specific markets which have a high potential for ceramic membranes. With its comprehensive water-related service approach that includes manufacturing and sales of electrical and mechanical equipment for water and wastewater systems, the company aims to further increase its market share in the global ceramic membrane water and wastewater systems market, while exploring suitable markets to serve growing end-user needs.
•METAWATER constantly monitors the dynamics of the global water treatment market. Recent development of mobile ceramic membrane equipment aims to improve access to safe drinking water in challenging environments and remote locations. The unique features of its mobile equipments, such as guarantee of ultra-pure water, reliable performance even in places without access to electricity, greater durability and filtration performance, as well as easy operation and storage, have already given rise to an increasing number of orders to regions affected by natural disasters and lacking access to safe drinking water.
Example of the “Ceramic Membrane Filtration System”in use
The “Ceramic Membrane Filtration System” is a clean water system which uses a ceramic membrane element to produce clean tap water by removing turbidity, bacteria, and protozoa such as cryptosporidium included in river water, well water, and other raw water. Conventionally, the mainstream methods to purify water are “slow filtration,” which utilizes the cleaning ability of living organisms, and “rapid filtration,” which utilizes water pressure. In order to develop a new filtration system to replace these methods, we have been conducting research since 1989 to enhance performance of the ceramic membrane element and to reduce costs. The “Ceramic Membrane Filtration System” we have developed is extremely strong. Even if it is used repeatedly, there is a low risk of causing damage to the membrane, assuring a stable supply of filtrated water. Since its chemical resistance is also excellent, chemical deterioration does not occur and it is not affected by heat or pressure, ensuring that it can be used for long periods and maintenance costs will be less than those for existing systems.
The “Ceramic Membrane Filtration System” has increasingly been introduced in main water purification plants in Japan and, at present, it has been introduced in about 120 purification plants. It is slated to be introduced also in the Kawai Plant (Kanagawa, Japan), the largest membrane filtration plant in Japan, which will begin operations next spring. Taking advantage of the flexible features of the ceramic membrane element which make it possible for it to be used even in a small space, we lent out small clean water systems using the ceramic membrane element for free to the water purification plants affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and typhoons.
Example of support to create an emergency desalination system in Miyagi, Japan
METAWATER will seek to increase orders for complete water and wastewater treatment systems which mainly use the ceramic membrane element overseas as well as in Japan. As part of this effort, we formed a business alliance in June 2013 with PWN Technologies B. V., known for its innovative solutions and a subsidiary of a Dutch water supplier, PWN Water Supply Company North-Holland, and began to take steps toward creation and expansion of opportunities to supply the ceramic membrane element and to provide engineering expertise. In August 2013, we entered into a capital and business alliance with Rood Wit Blauw Holding B. V., which has provided engineering expertise to PWN Technologies B. V., and delivered various water treatment systems across Europe; thus we accelerate our efforts to expand our business all over Europe.
Ceramic Membrane Filtration System
Another note is that we are introducing a “Vehicle-installed Ceramic Membrane Filtration System” which uses the ceramic membrane element also in developing countries including those in Africa. In recent years, floods and other natural disasters occur frequently in developing countries due to climate change, and the need to purify muddy water caused by floods or rain water is increasing day by day. METAWATER will actively propose the new alternative that uses the ceramic membrane element in response to the need to purify water in many countries in the world.
(Persbericht Metawater, januari 2014)