Impressions of our Stakeholders’ meeting by Arco van der Toorn

After the individual speed dates, our Operational Manager Marleen Hasselerharm welcomed everyone and presented the program for the afternoon. Director Sjef Ernes introduced Aqua for All’s new strategy up to 2018, under the theme ‘We mean business!’ Programs VIA Water and PPP Small were highlighted, along with several other Aqua for All initiatives. Sjef brought us up to date on interesting developments with several  large international programs with whom Aqua for All is working. He also introduced the sharper focus we have towards PPPs, as we are participating in the PPPLab, charged with the objective to study and share best practices to get the most out of PPPs!

And we do mean business! Aqua for All offers Business Incubator services to entrepreneurs and innovators in WASH to help get good ideas off the ground.  And of course we continue to play a coordinating role  in the Wandelen voor Water Campaign, Football for Water and 3R programs. Sjef encouraged the attendees to put forward new ideas and requests, as Aqua for All seeks to participate in innovative and new project financing initiatives. In these fields we would prefer to remain front runner.
A few of our new staff presented the programs in which they participate. Such as Tabitha Gerrets in the multi-million Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) – KRapid program in Nairobi, Kenya, Saskia Reus in her business support activities to align private investors with applications under the Business Incubator label. Chris Amsinger gave an update on the Walking for Water Campaign.  
As special guest, Mr. Frans Bieckmann, co-founder and executive director at The Broker, a knowledge institute for development and globalization, shared insights from his work as knowledge broker. The Broker seeks to deepen and broaden understanding of development issues and provide governments, NGOs and companies with strategic and practical advice.
KNVB’s Inge Klaasen gave an overview of the Football for Water activities, Titia Wouters presented the VIA Water platform, and finally Machiel van Dooren shared the first year results of the Made Blue initiative.

The afternoon was energized with a musical infusion from stand up musician Bart Kiers.  He listened to the speeches and presentations,  analysing  our professional attitude and image through the eyes of a newcomer.  His witty lyrics made us laugh reflectively, and  brought back our ambitions to reality, humor in a musical setting. It was clear all attendees enjoyed this ‘reflection in the mirror’ and his songs very much.

The afternoon ended with attendees enjoying a chance to network over drinks and snacks. I got the impression many guests were really surprised by the wide range of activities and experience/ partners Aqua for All offers.
In brief: During the 2015 stakeholders’ meeting,  the Aqua for All team gave good insight into our services and strategic direction.  We are confident that we presented the new challenges ahead of us in an inspiring way.
If you missed the stakeholders meeting, than you did miss a good event.  But there is no need to miss the boat!  Our door is open – come share your ideas, put your questions forward, and let’s see what we can build together!
Our colleague Annegreet Ottow made a nice video impression, which you can find here.

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(persbericht juni 2015)