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Water, climate, food and ecosystems in deltas

Einde middag bijeenkomst over onderzoek en lopende binnenlandse en buitenlandse projecten op het gebied van integrale delta-vraagstukken.

During the Wageningen Delta Seminar a brief overview is discussed of both the Delta Alliance and Wageningen’s delta related knowledge development – illustrated by some key research outcomes and identified knowledge gaps.

Characteristic of knowledge development in Wageningen is an integrated systems approach. Deltas is one of the cross cutting themes in the Wageningen water expertise.

This expertise  focuses primarily on (1) the water-food–ecosystem, or in other words “on the blue-green infrastructure for a healthy living environment”, on (2)  water in an urbanising world, amongst others in deltas, and on (3) the marine environment.

Sustainable Water quality is an important cross-cutting issue in the above three water domains.

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